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Guida per la globalizzazione e localizzazione: catalogo delle aree linguistiche e dei Paesi

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Our Globalization guide is a logical catalog of tables which cross reference information on the major linguistic groups and the countries in which they are represented. In order to correctly analyse the advantages of a globalization or localization project, it is above all important to distinguish between linguistic areas or markets, which can include or be of partial interest to different countries, and  geographic areas or countries, which can be represented and integrated through their different linguistic areas. Both approaches are cross referenced, and the economic and social data gathered from a parallel analysis of the geographic and linguistic elements of a localization project must be carefully considered in order to design and plan effective communication strategies which meet the project objectives.  

For this reason, the Globalization guide is organized with two distinct navigation routes, but linked with references which allow you to jump from one to the other in order to obtain a complete picture of the existing relationships. 

The Language catalog presents tables on the major linguistic areas, providing for each data on the mother tongue population, the total population able to understand it, geographic diffusion, online population, major search engines and directories, and any further notes or links to informative resources. 

The Country catalog presents tables on the principal countries, providing for each geo-political data, demographic information (population, languages represented), economic information, data about the online population, Internet usage and major local search services, with any further notes or links to informative resources. 

This work was made possible by constant research, and through the collaboration of Ability Top Translations' local consultants, whose experience and knowledge of the different geo-linguistic markets forms the quality base of our translation and localization services and globalization consultancy.

Resources ╗ Globalization guide

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