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The Country catalog of the Globalization guide presents tables on the principal countries of the world. For each of these we have provided data, which is kept up to date through constant research in the major and most detailed sources of local and international information, and through knowledgeable enquiries conducted by our globalization consultants. 

The country tables are presented in a way which allows easy navigation, in the following pages:
- in alphabetical order.
- in navigable geographic maps.
The country tables are also accessible as links from the language catalog in the field about the diffusion of each language.

In particular, each table contains the following data:

General Information
Name of country: country name.
Time zone: indication of the time zone as relative to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Area: total area of the country.
Type of government: form of government present in the country.
Capital: name of the country's designated capital city.
Map: map showing the country's position relative to its neighbouring countries, and the country's flag.
     Demographic Information
Resident population: number of inhabitants resident in the country.
Rate of population growth: rate of population growth according to the latest statistics.
Languages spoken: Languages represented in the country with number of people able to converse correctly in the language. Every language is a link to the information table presented in the language catalog.
     Economic Information
GDP: gross domestic product in millions (M) or billions (Bn) of US dollars. This is the measure of wealth created in the country during the year, obtained by adding the value added by the various economic sectors .
Rate of growth in GDP: rate of growth of gross domestic product according to the latest statistics. 
GDP per capita: indicates the average annual income per inhabitant, according to the latest statistics, adjusted to take account of the real buying power of the country. 
Annual rate of inflation: percentage increase in consumer goods prices, according to the latest statistics. It is based on a representative shopping selection, the make-up of which differs from country to country.  
Currency: currency used in the country.
Exports: total value of exports in millions (M) or billions (Bn) of US dollars. 
Imports: total value of imports in millions (M) or billions (Bn) of US dollars. 
Internet ccTLD: Country Code Top Level Domain, the first level domain code relevant to the country. Where present, a link is provided directly to the local Registration Authority. 
Online population: number of country residents who have internet access, in millions (M) of people. 
% of resident population: percentage of the resident population with internet access. 
% of the world-wide online population: number of resident internet users as a percentage of the world-wide online population.
Main search engines and directories: direct links to the major local search engines (i.e. those which have an interface relative to the country, regardless of the language used). 

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Resources ╗ Globalization guide ╗ Countries


Useful information for country localization in the Globalization guide by Ability Top Translations

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