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Guide to translation services  Apr. 2004 : Restructuring and modernization of the Ability Co-ordination Centre head office in the Philippines: centre staff celebrate the 100th translation and localization project since the centre's opening in September 2003.

Guide to translation services  29 Mar. 2004 : We publish and distribute in PDF format an article on Automatic translation and free translation: can you really trust free translation and automatic translation tools?

Guide to translation services  15 Mar. 2004 : Ability Top Translations strengthens its working relationships, collaborating with DAUP for multilingual translation and localization of client sites from one of the top Italian site promotion and Web Marketing agencies.

Partnership in Sweden  Feb. 2004 : Ability Top Translations reinforces its presence in Northern Europe through a close partnership with Marketing-Internet.nu, the biggest SEO and Internet Marketing agency in Sweden.

Translation projects  15 Jan. 2004 : Compact versions of the Ability site are published in Chinese (Chinese version) and Japanese (Japanese version).

Translation projects  Jan. 2004 : 2003 saw the completion of 150 Web site translation projects, 250 text translation projects and 60 software localization projects.

Translation of the Stockholm Ó la Carte web site  Sep. 2003 : NYA Destination Stockholm underlines its faith in Ability Top Translations, choosing us for the translation and localization of new linguistic versions of Stockholm Ó la Carte.

Interview with Ettore R. Peyrot  Aug. 2003 : The Marketing on Internet site publishes an interview with our Services Coordination Manager, Ettore R. Peyrot. Read the complete interview, in English, here: Interview With Ettore R. Peyrot Ability Top Translations.

Translation of the Team Bornholm AB web site  Jul. 2003 : Ystad Reserbyrň/Team Bornholm AB chooses Ability for the multilingual translation and localization of their site Bornholm Hotels.

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Check out our globalization guide: a logical catalog of tables which cross reference information on the major linguistic groups and the countries in which they are represented.

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