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Name: Portuguese

ISO639 Code: pt

Mother tongue population: 176 M (1999)
% of world population: 2,93%
Total users (mother tongue and second language): 191 M (1999)
% of world population: 3,18%
Diffusion: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mongolia, Portugal, Sao Tomé and Principe


Total online users: 14,9 M (Dic. 2001)
% of total world online population: 2,61%
Volume online purchases:
Encoding: iso-8859-1, windows-1252
Principal search engines and directories in Portuguese: Altavista Portugal, Altavista Brasil, Google Brasil, Mangole, Achei, Aonde, Boibao, Buscador UOL, Guia Web, Mosaic FX, Prokura, Todo Br, Yahoo! Brasil, ODP W/Português, Aeiou, Algarvio, Clix, Galileu, NetIndex, Busca, Sapo, Splat, Top5% Portugal, VirtualAzores, Explora, Br5.net, Descobre

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Resources » Globalization guide » Languages » Portuguese

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