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Localization and globalization consultancy

Consultancy services for localization and globalization in worldwide markets.

If you have decided to expand your presence into new markets, don't rush into it "blindly": have you carefully evaluated the enormous possibilities that would be offered by localizing your site in many of the "minor" linguistic areas?:

  • Localization consultancy, a package of consulting services which support and supplement our web site translation and localization services, allowing you to define an effective and targeted strategy for your online presence, and to successfully face the globalization challenge. 

  • Basic web market analysis, a general analysis of the online characteristics of the target linguistic area, of the web competition in that area and of the related market, and of the most popular search services used.

  • Extended web market and competitor analysis, an in depth and detailed analysis of the target linguistic area and of the statistics of Internet presence and usage, of the web competition in that area and its associated market, of user search behaviour, of preferred and alternative keywords, and of the most popular search services.

  • Search engine submission service, for the manual submission of the site to local search services (engines and directories) and on the appropriate language versions of the major international services, with search of and submission to existing thematic portals.

Our experts in Internet Marketing, globalization and search engine positioning can become your privileged access key to the geo-linguistic market you intend to target. Visit the section dedicated to our services in  localization and globalization consultancy, and ask us for a  quotation for your projects.

Our network of local collaborators, with specific experience in the different geographic and linguistic areas are your guarantee of a quality consultancy service which only Ability Top Translations is able to offer. We can become, in a very real sense, your exclusive globalization and localization partner.

Consultancy for localization and globalization in worldwide markets

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