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Search engine submission and positioning

Search engine submission and positioning


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Targeted submission service

This service provides manual website submission to local search services (engines and directories) and the language versions of major international search services, with research of and submission to any appropriate thematic portals. It is particularly useful in cases where you have decided to localize, or have already localized your website in one or more linguistic areas, and you wish to obtain better results on search services by turning to experienced professionals in the promotion and search engine positioning sector who have specific knowledge of the linguistic area of interest. 

The service includes:
a) analysis of the mission and target of your website, with subsequent selection of the most appropriate search services, report on their characteristics (web address, structure, importance, any data on targets and traffic), cost quotation including any available options (PPI, PPC).
b) manual website submission to directories in the target linguistic area and to the international versions of principal international directories, with editing of title and description to maximise the chances of acceptance. 
c) manual submission of the homepage, site map and internal pages to search engines within the target linguistic area, language versions of major international search engines, and any appropriate thematic portals for your market in the target linguistic area. 
d) detailed report covering the submissions and action taken. 

Please note that we do not "submit your site to 1000s of search engines and directories" -- instead, we do use our in-house SEO experience to carefully select relevant search engines and directories in your target geo-linguistic areas and apply acceptable, no-spam, SEO-industry standard practices to enhance the possibility that your sites will be included and/or spidered.

The cost of this service varies according to the linguistic target area, the market, the site characteristics and the possible presence of paid submission services, starting from a minimum of 250 €. Ask us for a quotation and we will be pleased to present you with our best offer for a personalized service.

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Search engine submission and positioning services

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