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General Information

Name of country: Micronesia
Position: 6 55 N, 158 15 E
Time zone: - 11:00
Area: 702 kmq
Type of government: republic
Capital: Palikir

Globalization guide - Map for localization of the country - Micronesia

Demographic Information

Resident population: 134,500 (July 2001)
Rate of population growth: 1.2% (2001)
Languages spoken: English, trukese, pohnpeiano, yapese, kosrea


GDP: $ 263 M (2000)
GDP growth rate: 0.3% (2000)
GDP per capita: $ 2,000 (2000)
Annual rate of inflation: 2.6% (2000)
Currency: dollar USA (USD) - currency converter
Exports: $ 73 M (f.o.b., 1996)
Imports: $ 168 M (c.i.f.. 1996)


Internet ccTLD: .fm - Registration Authority
Resident population online: 2.500 (2000)
% of total resident population online: 1,86%
% of total worldwide population online: 0,0004%
Principal country-relevant search engines and Directories: Google Micronesia, ODP Micronesia, Micronesia.com, eMaxia Micronesia, Internets: Micronesia, eMaxia

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Resources ╗ Globalization guide ╗ Countries ╗ Micronesia

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