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General Information

Name of country: Canada
Position: 60 00 N, 95 00 W
Time zone: - 03:30 / - 08:00
Area: 9,976,140 kmq
Type of government: federation of states
Capital: Ottawa

Globalization guide - Map for localization of the country - Canada

Demographic Information

Resident population: 31,592,000 (July 2001)
Rate of population growth: 0.99% (2001)
Languages spoken: Bulgarian, English, French, Inuktitut (Eskimo)


GDP: $ 774.7 Mld (2000)
GDP growth rate: 4.3% (2000)
GDP per capita: $ 24,800 (2000)
Annual rate of inflation: 2.6% (2000)
Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD) - currency converter
Exports: $ 272,3 Bn (f.o.b.,stime 2000)
Imports: $ 238.2 Bn (f.o.b., 2000)


Internet ccTLD: .ca - Registration Authority
Resident population online: 16,99 M (2002)
% of total resident population online: 53,78%
% of total worldwide population online: 2.98%
Principal country-relevant search engines and Directories: Altavista Canada (En), Altavista Canada (Fr), Google Canada, Yahoo! Canada, Amray, Allez Go, BC Wide Web, Canada One, Canadian Content, Canadopedia, Can Links, Categories, Toile du QuÚbec, Newfoundland and Labrador Search, NFLab, SaskSearch, SearchBC, SearchCanada, Tout Montreal, ShowBC, ODP Canada, Looksmart Canada, Alcanseek, Internets: Canada

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Resources ╗ Globalization guide ╗ Countries ╗ Canada

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