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Localize your business with our translation and multi-lingual content management services!



On this page you can query our price list and obtain an initial cost estimate for a translation or localization project. 

The costs shown in this section should be considered purely illustrative: every piece of translation or localization work is, for us, a project in itself, the relative complexity of which must be carefully considered in order to provide a quotation which will guarantee you the highest standards of quality at the most economic price. We will therefore be delighted to discuss your project with you and provide you with a firm quotation of our best offer.

Select the language of origin, the target language, and the type of project. You will be shown the resulting cost per character, any additional costs, management cost and minimum project charge. 

price list for translation and localization services
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price list for translation and localization services



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If your area of activity is business consulting, graphics, advertising, web design, web marketing and search engine placement, software development, integrate your range of services with our localization and translation work, and thus offer your clients complete and personalized solutions! Get in touch with us to learn about the exceptional offers available only to our business partners. 

Launch your product on the international market with our software and application localization services!


Check out our Globalization guide: a logical catalog of tables which cross reference information on the major linguistic groups and the countries in which they are represented.

We offer translation and localization services in over 20 languages, with professional mother tongue translators

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