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We have collected on this F.A.Q. page (Frequently Asked Questions) the questions most frequently asked about our translation and localization services and about our agency's work. If after having navigated through our site you don't find answers to your questions even on this page, please do  contact us: we will be pleased to respond directly to your queries. 

1- For how long has your agency been in operation?
2- Can I visit your head office?
3- Can I receive a visit from your representative?
4- How do I get a personalized quotation?
5- How can I verify your references / experience / professionalism?
6- I have half a page to translate. Do you accept small translation jobs?
7- Does your agency have translators for all languages?
8- I am a translator. How can I send you my CV in order to work with you?
9- We are a company interested in establishing an ongoing working relationship with you. Is that possible?
10- We are a service agency. Do you offer special discounts to enable us to resell your services to our clients?
11- What criteria do you use to select your collaborators?
12- I have read about your web site translation and localization services and about your experience in search engine positioning. Do you include this in your list of services too?
13- How did you position your site amongst the top search engine rankings on most search engines?
14- I have a text to translate the contents of which are a little... unusual, and which some translation agencies have refused to translate. Are there any restrictions on the type of texts or web sites you will work on?
15- How do you maintain such low prices for your services?
16- What is the difference between translation, localization and globalization?
17- Are you able to download our web site to translate / localize it?
18 - How can I send you translation material?

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Manage your global presence by trusting in the experience and professionalism of Ability Top Translations. Our services of text translation, web site translation, software localization, and globalization consultancy will give your business world wide prominence in any language. 

Localization of application software: launch your product on the international market!


Check out our Globalization guide: a logical catalog of tables which cross reference information on the major linguistic groups and the countries in which they are represented. 

We offer translation and localization services in over 20 languages, with professional native translators

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